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Arc Sprayed Cathodic Protection for Concrete Bridges 

Thermal sprayed coatings have become an accepted method of installing cathodic protection on concrete structures that are subject to chloride induced corrosion11. Recent developments in high deposition twin wire electric arc spray systems have enabled cathodic protection to be a cost effective method of extending the life of concrete bridges and other structures.

3/16 Zinc arc sprayed for cathodic protection of concrete bridge structures.
Containment used by Interstate Coatings, Inc. when arc spraying the Yaquina Bay Bridge on the Oregon Coast (near Newport, Oregon). This project was the first use of 3/16" zinc arc spray wire for cathodic protection of concrete bridge structures.

Zinc applied to over 120,000 square feet of this concrete bridge.
Zinc applied to concrete on the Eastbound portion of the Howard Frankland Bridge, which spans over two miles of Tampa Bay, Florida. Over 120,000 square feet of concrete was metalized in this Florida Department of Transportation rehabilitation project.

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