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Off Shore Oil Industry - Arc Sprayed Aluminum Coatings

Thermal sprayed coatings (TSC) provide a number of advantages for the off shore oil industry when compared to conventional paint systems.

  • TSC coatings are ready for use immediately after application and are less susceptible to damage from shipping and handling.
  • Paint systems attempt a 20-year life with some remedial maintenance required2. "It has been calculated that an area coated with TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum) could protect when up to 4% of the area was bare steel, and still give a life of 30 years in salt water immersion"1.
  • TSC coatings also offer greater resistance to heat damage and hot and cold cycling than conventional paint systems.
  • Recent developments in high deposition twin wire electric arc spray systems have enabled TSC to become a cost effective means of providing long term corrosion protection for the off shore oil industry.

3/16 aluminum wire arc spraying using a pipi coating machine to support the off shore oil industry. 
Aluminum arc spraying of buoyancy chambers for catenary risers - using a pipe coating machine.  This project was the first use of 3/16" aluminum arc spray wire for the off shore oil industry.

1/8 aluminum arc sprayed on flare towers for the off shore oil industry. 
Flare towers for the off shore industry being sprayed with 1/8" aluminum at New Iberia, Louisiana.

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