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Arc Sprayed Coatings for Steel Bridges

Metalizing offers long term protection for steel bridges. The ability of thermal sprayed zinc, aluminum, and zinc/aluminum coatings to provide effective long term protection for steel exposed to a variety of environments has been documented in several studies.

In one report, metalized steel samples exposed to a marine environment for 44 years exhibited 0% base-metal rust1. Recent developments in high deposition twin wire electric arc spray systems have reduced application costs for metalized coatings on steel. Projected over a 50 year period it has been estimated that metalizing steel bridges could reduce coating costs by 50%5.

The Washington Crossing Bridge is a steel truss structure that spans the Delaware River connecting Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Interstate Coatings of Seattle, WA completed the spraying of nearly 48,000 square feet of steel with zinc in 1994. The Washington Crossing Bridge was the first steel bridge to be arc sprayed with 3/16" zinc.

The Rainbow Bridge connects Niagara Falls New York, USA to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  This 450,000 sq foot project called for 8-12 mils of 85/15 zinc/aluminum.

This coating will provide years of maintenance free corrosion protection.

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