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TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd. enjoys a solid reputation as a worldwide supplier of arc spray metallizing equipment and consumables. In business since 1988, our commitment to offer superior thermal spray systems is unparalleled and supported by our large range of equipment choices.

We started with an emphasis in the corrosion control field where dependability, portability and production are of utmost importance. We have since expanded our customer base to include manufacturing facilities, pipe manufacturers (with automated systems), structural steel, high profile deck coatings, machine element repair and boiler repair.

We strive to provide the best choices in metalizing equipment. Our alliance with Metallisation, Ltd enables our customers to have an even wider selection of equipment.

We have an established training program to help customers learn the proper operation and maintenance of our systems. Our program also emphasizes the requirements of surface preparation and quality assurance for metalizing.

We are committed to earning and retaining the respect of every customer. TMS Metalizing has gained international attention with the proven results of our systems and service. We can be of assistance to you in your metalizing equipment needs.

With our wide range of metallizing equipment, we can provide The Right Choice™ for your specific application.

Please contact us for further information:

TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd.

PO Box 2136
Silverdale, WA 98383
7765 NW Eldorado Blvd Suite 101
Bremerton, WA 98312
Phone:  360-692-6656
Fax:  360-698-1539

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Dave Wixson
TMS Metalizing Systems is "The Right Choice"TM  in Thermal Spray Equipment!