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Thermal Spray Equipment Accessories


Wire Dispensers

Wire Dispensers are an excellent option for high production applications where drummed wire can be utilized.
  • Increased production: No wire spool changes required.
  • Money Saving: Drummed wire is less expensive than spooled wire
  • Capabilities: Zinc and Zinc/Aluminum wires up to 3/16" in diameter
Wire dispensers for drummed wire

Deflected Flame Spray Extension

The Metallisation Deflected Flame Spray Extension has been developed as a direct result of customers requirements to apply a quality coating in difficult access areas.

The initial requirement was for spraying onto pipe runs in the petro-chemical industry where the access between pipes and near pipe supports or other structures was limited.

The extension unit fits directly onto the Metallisation flame spray pistols.

More Info on the Deflected Flame Spray Extension

Deflected Flame Spray Extension

Metscan Vertical / Horizontal Traverse Unit

The Metallisation Metscan Vertical / Horizontal Traverse Unit is an affordable, single axis traverse unit is designed primarily for thermal spray applications. It supports Arc Spray, Flame Spray, Plasma Spray, and HVOF pistols.
  • 1200mm standard traverse length with other options available.
  • Variable speed
  • Ramp-up/ramp down
  • Fully programmable

More Info on the Metscan Vertical / Horizontal Traverse Unit

Metscan Vertical/Horizontal Traverse Unit
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