Ductile Iron Pipe

To increase the service life of ductile iron pipe, some ductile iron pipe manufacturers apply a thin coating of metalizing during the manufacturing process. Either the pipe or the metalizing guns will traverse along a rotating pipe to apply the metalized coating.

These installations generally utilize high production arc-spray systems. We have supplied both Bridgemaster® systems (set up for automation) and Metallisation ARC528 systems to ductile iron pipe manufacturers for this application. Some of these installations are utilizing 1,500 amp power supplies!

Galvanized Tube

Corrosion resistant tube is produced by creating a tube shape from galvanized strip material, first by forming the material into a tube shape and then welding (electrical resistance welding) along the longitudinal seam of the formed tube. During the welding process, the heat generated around the weld area destroys the galvanized coating around the seam and, if left uncoated, this area of the tube will corrode. To prevent this corrosion, the welded area can be metalized. A metalizing system can be used in the tube mill shortly after the welding process to spray molten zinc back onto the weld seam area.

Both arc-spray and flame-spray equipment can be utilized in this process. This "in-line" method of repair offers the flexibility of repairing the tube while producing tube.