Non-slip or anti-skid, coating can be a thermally sprayed. Metalized coatings can be applied with a rough texture and they have excellent non-slip properties, while being extremely hard and resistant to wear. Metalized non-slip coatings are ideal for use in pedestrian and industrial flooring areas, bridge decks, escalators, steel floors and panels across a range of diverse industries.

Non-slip metalized coatings can use materials which are corrosion resistant and because of its durability, site owners can be confident that once applied, they can forget about rust or slipping for many years.

Ideally, steel or aluminum walkways need a durable coating which protects against both slip and corrosion and that’s exactly what the ARCTEC 28E coating does.

Typical Application Examples


Off-Shore Oil Platforms

Steel floors, decks, and panels are used in many applications from train steps to oil platforms. Untreated, this steel can become very slippery, especially in wet conditions. In many applications, corrosion is also a hazard. Safe walking and industrial operating conditions are vital to personal safety and corporate productivity.

A twin-platform, offshore LNG platform installation has an inter-connecting bridge. Following extensive evaluation of non-slip coatings, ARCTEC 28E was chosen to be applied onto the bridge deck surface for its non-slip durability and corrosion protection. The rest of the bridge structure is coated in sealed 99.5% thermal sprayed aluminium.


Aircraft Carrier Decks

ARCTEC 28E has been accepted and specified for non-slip applications on multiple US Navy Aircraft Carriers.

ARCTEC 28E is a durable, temperature resistant non-slip surface.

It provides comparable corrosion protection to aluminium, as used in aggressive environments.


Loading Ramps &
Pedestrian Walkways

Non-slip metallic coatings provide a suitable level of grip, to avoid personal slips or industrial skidding. The texture of the coating is customized to the specific use.

Ramps for loading and unloading of containers by forklift trucks have a very rough non-slip coating applied. These ramps can be very slippery in wet conditions and are often salt treated in winter. Non-slip metalized coatings keep rust away from the steel substrate. Forklift operators report a higher level of confidence when climbing the ramp and semi-trucks can be successfully loaded in wet conditions.

Ramps and platforms for pedestrian use a finer non-slip applied. The coating in these areas prevent trips and slips in the workplace, construction projects, and public spaces.

Examples of where our durable non-slip metallic coatings are used: ferry loading ramps and walkways, train steps, stadium walkways, ship gangways, manhole covers, truck tail lifts, and airport baggage handling ramps and walkways. Metalized non-slip coatings have also been used to replace diamond or checkered plate surfaces to improve grip, particularly when wet.