Metalized coatings are a natural fit to protect steel in harsh marine envirionments.

Off-Shore Oil

Off-Shore Oil

Pipes, risers, flare booms, and structures within the oil industry are constantly exposed to corrosion from the sea and salty air. Because metalizing can be applied by portable equipment, oil and gas platforms benefit from the application of thermal sprayed aluminum or zinc.



Maintenance on ships and fishing vessels is costly. The long lifespan of thermal sprayed coatings allows for cost savings for overall maintenance of the ship and its components.

Metalizing can be used as a final coating or applied in a duplex coating system with a top-coat.

Unlike painting, metalizing does not need the same level of heated temperature control. This allows for all-season repairs or mainenance which is key for environments such as Alaska.

Metalized coatings protect against corrosion in excess of 20 years in the harshest of environments.

Piers, Pilings, and Shore Facilities

Marine Facilities

Piers, pilings, and floats are excellent candidates for metalizing applications. Because the coating instantly solidifies, these structures can return to service quickly, which helps reduce costly downtime.