With a proven record of over 30 years, our original Bridgemaster® continues to deliver. This system is a heavy duty, lightweight, low energy, and high-deposition arc-spray metalizing system. A great option in corrosion control applications running 1/8" and 3/16" wires.

Over the years, we've designed updates to this machine to allow interchangeability with older Bridgemaster systems. This strategy has helped our customers by giving them the option to purchase a machine which has many improvements over their current machine, yet is familiar in the sense of operation, maintenance, and availability of spare parts.

Our proprietary industrial strength wire drives are CNC machined, anodized, and have an adjustable wire tension lock system. The design of the powder coated feeder cabinet and cart allows individual components to be replaced if damaged, saving both time and money.

After making a significant investment in new equipment, it helps to know you will never be stranded with a discontinued model or its parts. In another 30 years, we look forward to being able to offer continued support on our older equipment, which isn't something every manufacturer can say!

If you are shopping for new equipment, you should consider the new Bridgemaster® MKII over the original Bridgemaster. The MKII includes additional features not available on our original Bridgemaster, and comes with the added advantage of a lower price!

The Bridgemaster® Series

The Bridgemaster® Series is a lineup of twin wire arc spray systems that are heavy duty, yet portable. These low energy, high deposition arc spray machines are primarily used in the corrosion control industry to apply metalized coatings. Modular by design, these systems are capable of easy adaptation to the needs of the customer.

The Bridgemaster Series can be configured for automated or handheld, shop or field, close coupled or stand alone, while dispensing wire from either drums or spools.


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Bridgemaster Wire Drive Assembly
Wire Drive Assembly

The TMS proprietary precision wire drives are designed with bolt on components to ease future maintenance steps. 

The simple handle/tension knob includes a feature that allows the operator to preset the wire tension and then set a lock for repeatability. Nothing hidden or complicated like some other drives available on the market today.

Bridgemaster MKII 1/8 Front End Assembly
Front-End Leads
Combination leads combine the spray wire, power leads, and atomizing air into a single flexible, lightweight lead.
Bridgemaster Cable Clamp
Cable Clamps
Cable Clamps on the Front-End Assembly help keep things neat and in place.
Bridgemaster 3/16 Spray Head Assembly
Spray Head

Provides a wide fan spray pattern for high production work.

Air Sweep allows the operator to easily sweep the surface prior to spraying.

Bridgemaster Front Panel
Front Panel

Meters and controls provide “at the work place” convenience.

Emergency Stop for Safety.

Bridgemaster Spray Heads with Shields
Spray Shields
Arc-Shields protect against direct UV exposure and are easily removed during maintenance.
Bridgemaster Feeder
Feeder Cabinet
The Feeder Cabinet has a durable powder coated finish. The bolt-together design allows components to be replaced if damaged.
Bridgemaster Quick Release Hinge
Quick Release Hinges
Quick release hinges allow doors to lift up and off the machine with the removal of a thumb screw. No tools necessary!
Bridgemaster Slam Latch
Slam Latches
Slam Latches allow doors to be easily secured.
Bridgemaster Hour Meter
Hour Meter
Shows total number of hours runtime.
Miller Invision 450 MPa Power Supply
Power Supply
The 450-amp inverter power supply weighs just 118 pounds! A variety of other inverter welding power supplies are also available.
Bridgemaster Spray Heads with Shields
Control Box
Arc Shorting Control prevents wire fusing.
Wire Spool
Big Wire Capabilities
Aluminum, Zinc, and Zinc/Aluminum wires, 3/16" in diameter, are routinely sprayed.



Options and accessories can help the operator and increase productivity.

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Wire Spool Shield
Wire Spool Shield

Our Wire Spool Shield protects the spools from contaminants and minimizes the accumulation of dust onto the metalizing wire. View More

Wire Spool Shield Cover
Wire Spool Shield Cover

The Wire Spool Shield Cover provides additional protection and helps keep the wire clean; prolonging trouble-free operation. View More

Drummed Wire Cones
Drummed Wire Cones

Drum Cones are an economical option for dispensing small diameter metalizing wires from drums. (Ideal for 1/16” to 3/32” zinc wire.)

Drummed Wire Dispensing Unit
Drummed Wire Dispensing Unit

Payout Systems are an excellent option for high production applications where drummed wire can be utilized. (Zinc and Zinc/Aluminum wires up to 3/16" in diameter.) View More

Equipment Carts
Equipment Carts

We have multiple cart configurations to fit the needs of your worksites and changing conditions. View More

Bridgemaster PRO Spindles
PRO Wire Spindles

Our PRO Spindles allow for faster spool changes. All parts are self-contained!

Bridgemaster Wire Straighteners
Wire Straighteners
Wire straighteners help remove “waves” from the wire. This reduces wire drag inside the wire conduits.
Angle Spray Nozzle
Angle Spray Nozzles
For spraying in space restricted areas.
Bridgemaster MKII Stretch-Out Kit
Stretch-Out Kits
For placement of the feeder up to 100 feet from the power supply



Arc Spray Process

In the arc spray process, the raw material in the form of a pair of metallic wires, is melted by an electric arc. This molten material is atomised by a cone of compressed air and propelled towards the workpiece.

The molten spray solidifies on the component surface to form a dense, strongly adherent coating.

Arc Sprayed Coating Benefits

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Component Reclamation
  • Wear Resistance
  • Electrical & Thermal Conductivity
  • Free Standing Shapes

Major Advantages

  • The coatings are available for almost instant use with no drying or curing times.
  • The deposits generally possess a higher degree of bond strength than flame sprayed deposits.
  • It is more economic to operate than flame spray. No fuel is required; just compressed air and electricity.