Wire Dispensers are an excellent option for high production applications where drummed wire can be utilized. In shop applications, where portability is not required, it may be worth considering the use of drummed wire.

Currently this option is only available for zinc or zinc/aluminum wire (during the wire manufacturing process the wire is carefully layered into fiber drums). Zinc and Zinc/Aluminum wires, 1/8”(3.2 mm) and 3/16” (4.8 mm) in diameter are routinely dispensed through this system.

Utilizing drummed wire can be beneficial in several ways. The material cost is less, and less down time is required for loading metalizing wire into the wire feeder. Zinc Spools are typically 60 pounds each; drummed wire is packaged normally at 500 pounds each. Advantages for using drum wire include:

  • Material Cost: Typical savings of $0.50 per pound of wire or $500 per 1,000 pounds of wire as compared to spooled wire.
  • Increased Spray Time: Drums are typically 500 pounds each vs spools of 40-60 pounds. By loading the metalizing system with drum wire vs spooled wire means more spray time between wire loading evolutions.
  • What is critical in choosing the appropriate equipment for drum dispensing is the wire diameter and the wire type. Small diameter zinc wire .0625” (1.6mm) to .091” (2.3mm) is very easy to dispense and does not require sophisticated drum dispensing. It can be dispensed from simple drum covers with conduits or drum covers with pulleys and conduits.
  • When the wire diameter increases to 1/8” (3.2mm) or 3/16” (4.8mm) it becomes more important to consider a more sophisticated drum dispenser. Larger diameter wires are stiffer and if not dispensed properly can create excessive drag on the drive motor of the metalizing wire feeder. 85/15 is even more difficult than zinc wire to dispense from drums as it is very stiff and the surface finish of the wire creates an additional drag inside wire conduits.
  • TMS Metalizing Systems is always looking for improvements to make it easier for equipment operators and equipment maintenance mechanics. The easier it is to use the equipment, the quicker the production crew can get to work on their metalizing projects.


  • Raised Drum Cones suspended several feet above the drums allows the wire to start straightening as it gains elevation. This helps get rid of drag created by the wire sliding against the inside of the cone, a common issue with many drum dispensing designs.
  • Drum Cone Skirts mount directly to each drum cone, minimizing the accumulation of metalizing dust onto the metalizing wire. This is crucial to ensure a more maintanence free system.
  • Ceramic Wire Guides: Metalizing wire exits the drum cone cover through a low resistance ceramic guide. Ceramic is utilized as it provides a long service life before needing replacement.
  • High Guide Wheels: Large guide wheels are mounted to a steel bracket high above the drums. This bracket is also used to mount the guide wheel “fender”. This fender helps guide the wire around the wheel during wire loading evolutions. The fender also doubles as a dust shield.
  • Wire feed Modules: As the metalizing wire leaves the large guide wheel it is directed to 45-degree wire modules. These wire modules further straighten the wire and guide the wire directly into the back of the metalizing wire feeder. The wheels roll as the wire passes by; removing almost all drag.
  • Easily Movable: The unit is bolted to a steel base pallet so the system is easily mobile with a pallet jack or a forklift.
  • Sturdy: Steel fabricated components with triangulated brackets to provide a rigid durable system.
  • Welding Cable Management: Clamps are provided to secure welding cables and control cables to the Dispenser.
  • Drum Divider separates drums and provides another level of sturdiness to the Dispenser.
  • Durable Finish: All steel components are powder coated; steel pallet is galvanized.

Drummed Wire Cones

Drum Cones are an economical alternative for dispensing small diameter metalizing wires from drums.

  • Allows use of lower cost drummed wire
  • Ideal for 1/16” to 3/32” zinc wire
  • Can be used in shop or in the field

Additional optional items can be added to connect conduits to the wire feeder.

Drummed Wire Payout ConesDrummed Wire Payout Cones