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TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd. and Metallisation Join Forces

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TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd., based in North America, and Metallisation, based in the United Kingdom, have formed a strategic alliance. Metallisation has been recognized as an expert in the technology of surface coatings since 1922. They have a long history of supporting the metalizing industry in anti-corrosion and engineering applications.

This alliance between TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd and Metallisation has been created to enable TMS to expand its product line and target new market areas and to give Metallisation greater access to the North American market. TMS is expanding into more engineering applications, using equipment and technical support provided by Metallisation.

Our alliance allows us to offer a larger line of Arc Spray, Flame Spray, Laser Cladding, Plasma Spray, and HVOF equipment, giving our customers the most extensive range of metallizing equipment available in the market today.

Metallizing Applications Continue to Grow in North America as Specifiers Learn the Metalizing Advantages!

We have delivered a number of new systems to customers around the United States and Canada. Our customers projects have included: steel bridges, concrete bridges, tanks, towers, windmills, exhaust stacks, dam gates, equipment maintenance stands, and oil refinery components.


Our Handi-Arc® System is designed for smaller shops and those who want a small system for metalizing "touch up" jobs.

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Metal Spraying
TMS Metalizing Systems is "The Right Choice"TM  in Thermal Spray Equipment!